Down Home Followers, Supporters and Visionaries,

Down Home has been a long time coming.  Jake and I both grew up on farms and enjoyed small town living. Our basic comforts provided a down-home feel.  We grew up in Christian homes, listening to the band Alabama and seeing down-home values being lived out, "Where they know you by name and treat you like family."  

Jake and I married in 2002, and even from our first years, we have felt called to combine our gifts and talents to serve others. Fast forward 15 years, 4 children, and 3 homes later, we shared a Divinely-inspired vision with our children that forged forward into action, and Down Home became an official non-profit in November 2017.

By trade, Jake is a handyman.  He is practical, innovative, sincere, hard working, faith-filled, perseverant, patient, and he believes in the power of the human spirit.  I, Jenessa, love being an elementary school counselor, and there has been a tug at my heart to take one of my other loves, interior design, and do something with it to serve others.  We definitely don't claim to have it all figured out, yet we claim inner strength and conviction to be bold and push ourselves to leave a lasting legacy for our family, community, and other families who are called to join in Down Home's mission.  

Our team currently consists of:

*Us, Jake and Jenessa Fillipi, Co-Founders and Directors 

*Our 4 Greatest Blessings, our Children, Honorary Co-Founders and Directors 

*Our Phenomenal A Team, our Board of Directors, Missy Anderson, Bill Bienek, Kristie Eid, Kyle Froslie, Jill Waslaski, and Deanna Storey

*Our Fearless Fundraising Leader, Developer & Marketer, Chris Welsand

*Our Administrataive Assistant, Artist, and Creative Eye, Charlene Kuznia 

*Our Videographer, Web Designer, and Relentless Visionary, Tyson Kuznia

*Our Down Home junkies, Kirstin Schiotz, Deb King, Jamie Benson, Matt Bye, ONE volunteers...

And of course, all of you, all who are convicted to donate and contribute time, efforts, furnishings, and monetary donations.  If you are reading this, we believe that you are already being called to join in Down Home's mission.  Come, check out our Get Involved page.

Come and be movers and shakers with us. Help us turn an empty space into a place to embrace.  Come and be part of the Down Home difference.  We are empowering lives one home at a time.


Jenessa and Jake Fillipi