FM Area Foundation Caring Catalog

Down Home is excited to participate in FM Area Foundation's Caring Catalog, November 29-December 13. Your generous donations up to $10,000 will provide a Christmas celebration + traditions packages + tree packages + the dignity of a good night's sleep for the families and individuals we have served.

Christmas Celebration: Treats, singing, crafts, photos, and fellowship will be enjoyed by those we have been honored to serve since 2018.

Traditions Packages: Provided to all our families and includes cookie making kit, hot cocoa fixings, games, Christmas book, & more to enhance family traditions at home.

Christmas Packages: Tree Packages are provided for those served in the current year and include items such as a Christmas tree, gifts, ornaments, tree skirt, topper, games, decorations, lights, and more.

Good Night's Sleep: New mattresses, in partnership with Restonic Mattress in Grand Forks, will be purchased to provide the dignity of a comfortable and dignified night's sleep.

Event Details
November 29, 2021
Nov 29
Dec 13
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