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What a transformation! Down Home welcomed home family #27 yesterday just in time to Beat the Storm that is keeping us all home today. Our growing team passionately strives to empower lives one home at a time as we transform an empty space into a home to embrace. With that said, I cannot help but reflect on the transformation within my own heart especially in the face of homelessness.

Just shy of a year and a half ago, the Lord placed an unexpected flicker, a prompt, on my heart. I shared that flicker with my husband and children, and with our cautious, yet trusting, "yes", that "yes" sparked something incredible. Down Home has witnessed miracles in multitudes since our humble beginnings of utilizing our basement and garage as a storage space and items from our own home to furnish and decorate homes for our very first families transitioning from homelessness into housing.

God is in the business of meeting us where we are at and performing wonders before our very eyes. Don't get me wrong, Down Home hasn't been a cake walk. It has been a labor of love, sweat, tears, fears, and a whole lot of trust and conviction (repeat, repeat, repeat...). At the end of the day, I know that God is most certainly on the move in our community, and I am honored to be able to forge ahead into a lot of unknowns. Wait, my heart is starting to beat faster as I type that statement. Give me a moment to take some deep breaths and a remind myself that God equips the called.

Speaking of those He's called, today we send a DH high five, fist bump, and Alleluia to our ever-growing number of movers, shakers, dreamers, believers, donors, sponsors, volunteers, and supporters in our community. Together, we are a powerful force of Beating the Storm, or in other terms, Fighting our present Battle of eliminating barriers, providing stability, empowering lives, recognizing each person's dignity, building a stronger community, and ultimately, building up the Kingdom of God.

Thank you all for sparking something incredible with your "yes".


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"Down Home, where they know you by name and treat you like family." ~song Down Home by the band Alabama

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