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Word on the street is that being a Home Body is all the rage right now. By choice? Not necessarily. Out of necessity, yes. This yes is likely for many different reasons depending on who you are and your reality amidst our current COVID-19 situation.

Saying Home Body out loud always reminds me of the song "Nobody" by Casting Crowns. I have even been caught switching up the chorus a smidgen:

"I'm just a Home Body (Nobody), trying to tell everybody, all about somebody, who saved my soul. Ever since you rescued me, you gave my heart a song to sing. I'm living for the world to see nobody but Jesus."

This song has also been known to be belted out in my car. Sometimes I cannot even help myself from raising my hands (no worries, one hand at a time while driving) in surrender to the One who gives the strength to all to be bold and audacious in building His kingdom. I know this to be true, everybody is valuable and important. Everybody has a purpose.

Down Home came to life in the fall of 2017, not because my husband and I wanted to be the founders and directors of a nonprofit. Not because my mom said "count me in" at the first conversations of what could be. Never, never had we ever dreamed about starting a nonprofit.

And dare I warn...never say never.

It all still seems surreal. Looking back, it all seemed to happen so fast that some of the details escape me. This lack of memory is likely due to all of the haunting paperwork that is necessary to become a legit organization. I can say this for certain, Down Home, and it's name, was Divinely gifted to help build up family and empower our region to be a part of His mission, "Where they know you by name and treat you like family. Folks know when they are falling on hard times, they can fall back on those of us raised up Down Home." Thanks, Alabama, for your role in helping define His work in our vision and mission.

Speaking of opportunity for impact, Down Home's Good Night Sleep Challenge is currently underway and will continue into May, Better Sleep Month. We invite all Home Body's to unite and be a part of building awareness of Down Home, the families we serve, and raising funds in the process. It is a humbling and powerful opportunity. Take the Challenge!

Lastly, in case you missed it, Down Home's clothing line has been updated! Shirts From Fargo donates 100% of the profits from your purchase back to Down Home and other doers of good. Over $1,000 has been donated back to Down Home since our online shop opened in October! Thanks to Shirts From Fargo and all movers and shakers who are helping build awareness and build the bank as we empower lives and transform empty spaces into comfortable homes for families transitioning from homelessness into housing. Check out our Online Shop at: https://shirtsfromfargo.com/non-profit-collections/down-home/


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