From Feeling Worthless to Feeling Empowered

From Feeling Worthless to Feeling Empowered

Hello! My name is Tiffanie Malecha. God has blessed me with 3 beautiful children, and I just happen to be raising them on my own. It hasn’t been easy.

Raising children is hard work, and being a single mother sometimes makes me feel worthless and weak. Looking at other family households with 2 parents used to really hurt, and it sometimes still does. Just like those of you who are parents, I feel my children deserve the best, and I don’t always  feel like I am enough.

Unfortunately, my family went through a time where we did not even have a place to live. A place to call home. We were homeless. It was through a connection that made it possible for us to find a new place to call home. Once the news came through that I was approved for an apartment and could get my keys, my heart was full of joy. During this whole time, a wonderful lady, my family case manager from Churches United put me in the hands of Down Home, and we officially had the chance to achieve stability within our home, which directly impacted stability at school.

I had never heard of Down Home nor knew anything of their community impact. All I knew was that they blessed families with furniture. Well, I have come to find out that Down Home is so much more than that. Not only do they provide the furniture, they also provide the help and transportation to get the furniture in your home as well as continued connections after the move-in. For example, this last September, in partnership with Box of Balloons, Down Home delivered a party package to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. It was so special. I appreciated the opportunity to celebrate her birthday is such an incredible way.

As part of Down Home's process, I was fortunate to meet Jenessa and her mother, Charlene, a couple weeks before they served my family. Such beautiful souls. They empowered me and reminded me that my little family and I can make it through anything. They made me feel like a part of their family. They filled me with Hope!

When the move-in day arrived, my children and I could hardly contain ourselves. We left and just waited for the call to come back home for the reveal. Man, when we entered our home, my heart was full of joy! Our home was so beautiful. It was something we could be proud of. Something we can come to and feel secure after having a hard day. A place I can cook and my kids can eat comfortably with a table and chairs.

The kids saw their rooms and were filled with such excitement. Their rooms were amazing. The boys had been sharing a rug to sleep on, and Natasha had been sleeping on my winter jacket until DH.

"Down Home literally picked us up off the ground. The happiness, stability, and good night’s sleep we have received from Down Home’s help is something I will forever cherish. Thank you to Down Home and everyone who helped make this dream possible. We feel empowered and uplifted."

And then I saw my peace. My room. A bed. It had been years since I slept on a bed. My kids mostly had beds throughout the years but I just made due with whatever I was provided. I couldn't believe the brand new mattress, beautiful bedding, and all the special touches were for me. I can sleep peacefully now. I can sleep knowing my kids have a place to come home to everyday after school. A place to be proud of and invite friends to. A place they can be free to dream and play.