Beyond Four        Walls

Four walls seems like it should be enough. But it is not.

Entering housing is an important step in the journey of emerging from homelessness, yet four walls is not enough to solve the problem. In the United States, half of those who enter housing return to shelters within the year. Down Home helps end the cycle of homelessness by creating homes and a community where families and individuals find comfort, dignity, stability, and connection.

According to the 2021 State of Homelessness in the Fargo-Moorhead Metro Area report, the average estimated cost savings of 1 year of stable housing vs. 1 year on the streets for one person is $21,500.
Average yearly cost savings of over $60,000 by stabilizing a family.

Sleeping on the floor. Eating meals on a cardboard box.

Lacking financial resources to purchase items beyond the basics.

Looking around and seeing an empty space. Empty walls. Empty cupboards. Empty rooms. Empty...

When will there be relief for those striving to stabilize?

When will their empty space become a home?

A home is more than four walls and a roof.

Down Home turns moving in — into moving home.

At Down Home, we are Boots on the Ground. Our hearts help us do the heavy lifting by offering hope with our hands and feet, providing a transformative fresh start, designing a life changing space - a place that fosters dignity.

A place of stability to invite family and friends.
A home of comfort to feel inspired and nurtured.
A community of connection, belonging and new beginnings.

100% of Down Home clients report we provide their family with security, comfort, community connection, and relief from financial stressors.

How Is Our Process Unique & Impactful?

Down Home’s process is extensive, intentional, and impactful.

Down Home serves families in the Fargo-Moorhead community. We partner with community agencies who refer families and individuals who qualify for our services. Upon acceptance of an application, we work in collaboration with our referral agency partners and clients in preparation and anticipation of the transformation (move-in) day.  

We coordinate all the necessary items to transform their empty space into a home to embrace. We create a space that is nurturing, engaging, and provides dignity and stability. Each client creates a Pay It Forward Plan to be involved in the community and continue to make connections for success.

During the first year after the reveal and beyond, we are intentional in remaining in communication and offering additional opportunities of support for those we have welcomed to our Down Home family.

More than 95% stabilize in our community with Down Home's help. Compared to the local average of 62% (2023 report) and the national average of 50% (

Down Home is committed to continued empowerment, involvement, and connection in the community. Everyone served is invited to our Christmas event in December. Families experience the traditions and fellowship of the season, and those served in the current year go home with a tree package.

Furnishings, Decor and More

We are truly furnishings, decor, and so much more.

As we communicate and connect with our families and individuals throughout the year, Down Home has collaboration partners that offer additional opportunities and resources. They include Box of Balloons, Sparklight, Wholehearted Mission, Toothbrush Ministries, and more!

In partnership with Box of Balloons, over 60 Down Home children are celebrated each year with the delivery and gift of a birthday package.

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